Black screen drawings

Ink, colored pencils and gouache on paper. 
Size: approximately 7,87 x 5,11 in.

Black screen drawings provide an alternative access to a world that first emerged through photography. I always keep notebooks to follow the maturing process of my photographs, with preparatory drawings that allow me to work on the images, compose polyptychs or conceive my sculptures. They are quick sketches, chronologically linked, which serve a practical purpose. But this new series is different (it could be compared to Dehors, Le versant éclairé, Ce qu’il y a entre les choses, from the 80s) : a meditation that starts from an inked background gives rise to forms that gradually become lighter and take on color. Each drawing is a slow surprise.  What they have in common, besides their format and technique, is an apparent coherence of  light sources, shadows and perspective. These unreal scenes take on a detailed appearance that could be attributed to memory or observation. I see this series go off in two parallel directions: some drawings play with atmospheric elements, others do not. The former contain references - a polar light, a high wind -- while the latter, darker, do not. The faint reflections of the ink background are interpreted as geography, and the forms built on this territory, practically abstractions, exist outside of any measurable time or space. It's not a landscape, but rather the scene of an outdoor spectacle with no sets, no costumes, no characters. A theater. My photographs are a theater, too. But not an empty one. Rather, a theatre brought to life by the presence of the human form, and of time. In both my drawings and my photographs, I seek to capture the depth of the present moment; so for me a staged setting, a picture-in-a-picture, is the ideal dream catcher…