In living memory, workbooks, 2018-2019

Text & contact sheet
  • Workbook 1 Cover

  • Pénélope p1

  • Penelope p2

  • Penelope p3

  • Penelope p4

  • Penelope p6

  • Penelope p7

  • Ariadne p28

  • Ariadne p29

  • Ariadne p30

  • Ariadne p44

  • Ariadne p39

  • Pandora p10

  • Pandora p11

  • Pandora p12

  • Pandora p13

  • Pandora p14

  • Workbook 2, cover

  • Pythia p51

  • Pythia p52

  • La Pythie p53

Two sketchbooks, 113 pages 24x32 cm
Pencils, gouache, ink, collages
The discovery of the staging locations and the spotting were decisive, and it is in the workbooks that my interpretation of each character took shape.
Over the pages the reverie switches to the reality of the future staged photography: the casting of the actresses, the design of the costumes and the objects, the light and the foreseen difficulties, up to the roadmaps of the shooting, everything was built in the workbooks.