Black Screen Drawings 2008-2017

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Ink, color pencil and gouache on paper
Dimensions: about 15x18 cm
"I release the sand that covers each ink background. It gives me a track, a key, and I sweep the formless to find the shape. Today I found a large theater with red curtains, crossed by two drones, tiny stealth planes that will continue their race behind the scenes.
"23.04.08 Remember not Journal".

The moiré patterns of the ink bases are interpreted as geographical territories, and the forms constructed on these territories, close to abstraction, are outside of any time or measurable space. It is not about landscape, but rather outdoor performance space without decor, costumes or characters. A theater.

When the production of the SX70 Polaroid stopped in 2008, I preferred to draw rather than conduct technical research at first. I started the Black Screen Drawings series, another gateway to a world that has taken shape through photography. These scenes without reality take on the detailed aspect that memory or observation could have accounted for: by the apparent coherence of light sources, shadows and perspective.

The Black Screen Drawings series begins in 2008 and continues until 2017