Second Space, 2018

Text & contact sheet
  • Blind

  • A Game

  • Divination 1

  • Divination 2

  • Breath

  • Destiny

  • Sleepwalker 1

  • Sleepwalker 2

  • The Key

  • The Time 1

  • The Time 2

  • The Time 3

  • The Time, tryptich

  • Whirling

  • Twisted Dance

  • Comet

  • Fire

  • Vision

  • In just one time

  • Listening

  • Wing

  • Promontory of Dreams

  • The sound of Moons

  • A Long Journey

Prints from digital files on Hannemühle Rag Baryta 315 gr paper
Dimensions: 90x60 cm, 60x40 cm, 5 copies per format
After Here begins the sky (2014-2016), a series in which architecture is linked to the sky and the cosmos, Second Space is a new series in which architecture plays again a key role. The scene takes no longer place on roofs, but indoors. Doors in large residences or simple corridors, bare walls or sumptuous paneling, these spaces witness a sleepy grandeur or a tired simplicity, which allow me to project images of scenes that I dream awake.
The shapes turn strange according to the light : in the shade, a door becomes an unknown passage. A wall cleared of its tapestry looks like a palimpsest that would have kept traces of its history. A pavement designs a dizzying perspective. This is where the action stands, at the crossroads of the frontal stage and the depth of the scenery.

The action is led by a character. For now a woman, alone. She is hieratic, mythical. She is a poet, attentive to the sounds of two worlds, on the borderline between inside and outside. Sleepwalker attracting like a magnet ephemeral mental images.
The photographs show her dancing as in a trance, or frozen in a posture that seems to precede the moment of her photographic capture.
Floating launched sculptures arrive to her and the photographic time only keeps enigmatic forms. She plays with these objects coming close to touching her. Sometimes she does not even suspect their existence as the action takes place out of her sight. At other times she sends them back violently, becomes brutal and strikes with rage, trying to take by surprise the fate hidden in the shadow behind the doors.

Translation: Sheila Mooney