Glasstypes, 1997-1999

Text & contact sheet
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Prints after Polaroids SX70 made from paintings on glass
80x82 cm : 5 ex
The Glasstypes are SX70 Polaroids, enlarged or not, of paintings on glass that I made.
The 1997-1999 series follows on from a first series in 1987 which I mention in the section "Original Polaroids".

The painted and photographed objects are isolated on a dark background. Their nature is uncertain, their use, their history and their scale escape. They are akin to clothing, shelters, everyday objects. The body, although absent, is the main landmark.
Their color is more of a variation around glare than pigmentation. It immerses the photographs in a hot or cold bath, irradiated with light.

Dreaming Journal, published by Filigranes editions, accompanies this work. It is an artist's book that parallels photographs (Glasstypes, Interiors) and texts. The events over the days mingle with reveries, with work in the process of being built.