Solo, 2011-2015

Text & contact sheet
  • Lia comes back

  • Tomorrow

  • Bazar

  • Wicked gravity

  • Clap

  • A lower song

  • Detached from time

  • The runaway

  • Dreamcatcher

  • The Planets

  • The look of one who gets away

  • Ursa Major

  • Fata Morgana

  • Fall from your sky

  • Face to face

  • All thought

  • Fortuna

  • Cosmic 1

  • Cosmic 2

  • Orchestra

  • Faena 2

  • Faena 3

  • Magnetik

  • Evening Star

  • Quintet 1

  • Quintet 2

  • Quintet 3

  • The Music

  • Cassiopeia

  • Solo Screens

  • The Pier 2

  • The Pier 1

  • Once I loved

Prints from digital files on Hannemühle Rag Baryta 315 gr paper
Dimensions: 120x80 cm: 5 ex /, 60x90 cm and 60x40 cm: 7 ex for the two formats combined
Solo marks a turning point in my work with the end of the Polaroid SX70 in 2008. I took advantage of this event to do technical experiments and I opted for digital photography: it allowed me to work differently on staging moving objects and capture more of the effects of chance.
However, Solo is in many ways the continuation of what came before : the very dark skies present since Landscapes (1992), the actors and the mysterious objects thrown from Just This Once in 2002 and Long Distance in 2007.
Here the objects suggest play areas with mysterious rules: they are tires, balls, balloons and large sticks and no longer flexible objects which in the previous photographs changed shape with the throws.

I am looking for images of a particular, unpredictable conjunction between the body, the object, the setting and the light.

About the Solo series:
"Entre terre et ciel", film by Sandra Städeli, Amart films production, image Thomas Roussillon, 2014
This 6-minute film follows the making of some photographs from the Solo series.
Shooting, interview, workbooks, share my way of working.