La suite d'Arles, 2003

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  • Prêcheurs 2

  • Prêcheurs 3

  • Prêcheurs 4

  • Prêcheurs 5

  • Prêcheurs 1

  • St Trophime 1

  • St Trophime 2

  • St Trophime 3

  • Remparts

  • Montmajour

  • Prêcheurs Polyptych

  • Saint-Trophime Triptych

Prints after Polaroids SX70
102x100 cm : 5 ex / 31x31 cm : 5 ex
Triptyque de Saint-Trophime : 3  copies per format
Produced in 2003, La Suite d´Arles was commissioned by the National Contemporary Art Fund at the initiative of Michèle Moutashar, curator of the Musée Réattu. I had to give my vision of the city.

This is where I first worked on the rooftops, eleven years before Here begins the sky.
The heights of the Remparts, Montmajour, Saint-Trophime and the Église des Prêcheurs with its faceted roof like a cut crystal, have become observatories. From up there, my reveries of always on the sky / the reverse side of the architecture, immaterial molding of the city took shape. My team and I flew paper and fabric sculptures there. Ribbons that unfurled in the air, black, white, like speech bubbles animated by the wind. The phylacteries of obscure announcements, or images of thought in motion. We also launched golden books, which seemed to contain a memory of places caught in the material of the stones.

The ten photographs in La Suite d´Arles are closely linked to the previous series Just this once (2002), in which objects are launched for the first time.

 La Suite d'Arles is accompanied by a book by Éditions Filigranes